Shutter Styles

We supply shutters in three main styles: full height shutters, covering the whole surface of the window, cafe style shutters, covering the lower half of the window and tier on tier shutters, covering the whole surface of the window but allowing for separate operation of (top and bottom) panels. In addition to the three main styles we also offer shaped shutters such as arches, circular and other irregular shapes.


Full Height

By far the most popular of shutter styles. If it’s simplicity in appearance and functionality that you’re after then full height shutters are the choice for you. Depending on the height of your window and existing framework within the window, we may recommend a mid-rail or louvers on split mechanisms, this would allow you to adjust louvers separately from top to bottom.


Cafe Style

When it’s perhaps just a bit of privacy that you require whilst maximizing the light entering into a room then Cafe style could be the ideal solution for you. The great thing about Cafe style shutters is that they can easily be converted to Tier on Tier at a later stage. They can also be used in combination with blinds and curtains.


Tier on Tier

If it’s versatility that you’re after then Tier on Tier could be just the style for you. Customarily consisting of two tiers of panels, this style allows you to open and shut the top panels separately from the bottom giving you the most flexibility in adjusting the light in a room. Although ideal for any room, Tier on tier shutters are best suited to windows with a half-way break such as sash windows.



Sometimes the only solution for dressing a window is with shutters and this is often the case when it comes to shaped windows as there are limited products available that are aesthetically pleasing, practical and complimentary to the window. So whether you have an arched window, a circular window or an irregular shaped window you can rest assured that we have a solution for you. All our shutters are bespoke and there is no shape we can’t fit to.


We offer a wide range of products to suit your budget and practical needs, as well as a huge range of opaque and stained colours . Custom colours also available at a surcharge. Additionally there are various louvre sizes and tilt options available to choose from.

Our shutters can be supplied either in solid panel, or in the most popular louvred version, that allow the regulation of the quantity of light that can come through the window.

Whatever style preferred, Wiltshire Shutters will accommodate and advise you accordingly.